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Tim Nichols


May 21, 2024
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TL;DR: Flightcrew is a config copilot that scales and bulletproofs cloud infrastructure. Flightcrew autonomously checks, and creates Github PRs to prevent incidents, reduce cloud costs, and accelerate productivity.

Why are you so excited about configs?

Well it’s not about configs, it’s about a smarter way to ship and maintain software.

Looking back at our time in the clouds, the root cause of most headaches was that we didn’t know that there was something wrong with our configs until they hit production. Then customers got mad, cloud bills spiked, and progress screeched to a halt.

Config issues like pod autoscaling, version alignment and thread tuning don’t require rocket science to solve, but they’re complex enough to hide from observability tools, linters and code reviewers. Multiply this by the scale of today’s massive, kubernetes-centric cloud environments and you’ve got an expensive, frustrating workflow that engineers are overqualified to perform, yet unable to solve.

We don’t think machines will replace engineers or SREs, but we are certain that engineers want a better way to manage production infrastructure, and AI + automation is the solution.

So if you wanted to build that solution, you’d need to solve some hard engineering problems:

A technical, semantic understanding of infrastructure and configs

An analytical understanding of workloads, and an experimental understanding of rollouts

Continuous profiling of code, workloads and observability data

The ability to prevent issues and generate fixes through the currency of engineers - pull requests.

But if you nailed that you could …

Fix blindspots, bottlenecks and cascading failures before they hit production

Guarantee availability and cost efficiency with perfectly optimized infrastructure

Give any engineer the abstractions, coaching and guardrails to manage infrastructure .. And many other things! You could delegate low-level infrastructure tasks, scale your SRE expertise and get back to coding.

So that’s what we’re building

We’ve been building Flightcrew for 2 years with some world-class engineering teams. Our first release helps engineers bulletproof and scale their infrastructure by catching bad PRs, and generating good ones.

If you’re interested in trying out Flightcrew and send us a note at hello@flightcrew.io

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